Tuition Services

Law Tuition Services are available for everyone, regardless of your location, your grades, your age. Please review the information below to find out more about the courses and resources that are available.

Tuition Courses (2017-2018)
Online Skype-based tuition courses are available.
 As there is still a demand for Regular Courses and Crash Courses, I have decided to change things up a little so that students can still receive help and resources.

This is how it works :

Email me with your basic information . I will get back to you of course and discuss the timings that are flexible to you and me . Fee structure varies as per the time period that is left to your CIE exam . I will be giving assignments , notes and written answers . If you are my student , you do not have to purchase them . But if you are not and are in need of them , you will have to purchase them .

To request more information or resources, PLEASE E-MAIL ME at . This is the best way to contact me about tuition-related matters!

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please feel free to post them below.


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